How to Decorate The Perfect Aesthetic Christmas Bedroom

How to Decorate The Perfect Aesthetic Christmas Bedroom

You’ve decorated the Christmas tree. The entryway is festive, the kitchen is cheerful, and even the bathroom has touches of Christmas. There’s only one place left to decorate– your bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom creates a cozy, festive space just for you. It can be a break from the noise of your other decor or the over-the-top Christmas explosion you’ve always wanted In this post, we’ll show you ideas for creating that aesthetic Christmas bedroom of your dreams, from bedding to finishing touches.

Decide a Theme

Green Christmas bedroom decor

Before you start decorating, you need to pick a theme. This helps your decor look more cohesive and guides your buying and decorating choices. A few ideas for themes include:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Classic Christmas
  • Minimalist Christmas
  • Pastel pink
  • Santa Claus
  • Gingerbread House

Once you decide on your theme, it’s time to move on to the fun part. Decorating!

Aesthetic Decor Ideas


The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. Once you decorate it, the whole room will look festive, regardless of how much other decor you include.

Christmas bedding


Change your quilt or duvet cover to a more festive white, red, green, or plaid, depending on your theme. A more colorful blanket can be the focal point of the bed, while a muted blanket is a blank canvas to build on with the rest of your bedding.


Don’t forget what’s under your blankets! Switching out your sheets to match the decor is a small but fun detail to include. They don’t have to be special Christmas sheets, either. A simple set in red or white works perfectly.

Throw Blankets

With your main bedding changed, add extra throw blankets to make your room cozier and more festive. Pile them on your bed, throw them across the footboard, or drape them across a nearby chair.


Change out your regular throw pillows for ones in Christmas colors or shapes. Don’t forget the main pillows, either. Find Christmas pillow shams or pillowcases to match the rest of your bedding.


The lights you use in your bedroom make a big difference in how it feels. Switching your lightbulbs and adding ambient lighting makes the whole place cozier.

Christmas bedroom lighting

Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas lights in your room is a simple way to capture the Christmas aesthetic. Choose colors that match your decor, or stick with white if you’re not sure. You can string them anywhere: around your bed, mirror, dresser, etc.

Fairy Lights

If regular Christmas lights are too bright or loud for you, use fairy string lights instead. They’re smaller, and many come with a remote to control brightness, twinkle patterns, and more.


What’s Christmas without some candles? Scented ones add wonderful smells like pine trees to your room, while unscented pillar and taper candles make great accents in pretty holders.

Wall Decor

With the bed and lighting done, it’s time to move on to the supplemental decorations. First up, changing out your wall decor.

Christmas wall decor


Garlands are a fun way to add more Christmas to your room. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be hung anywhere, from the wall to your bookshelf.

Christmas Art

Do you have any art hanging up in your room? Replace it with Christmas wall art instead. If you don’t want loud holiday art, look for art prints in a similar color scheme instead.


Pine boughs, greenery garlands, and wreaths are great to add to your walls. They’ll make you feel like you’re sleeping in an evergreen forest when you turn the lights off at night.


Stockings don’t only belong in the living room. You can also hang full-size or mini ones on your bedroom wall, making the room more festive.

Other Decor

All the main areas are covered. Now it’s time to add those little finishing touches to tie the whole room together.

Other Christmas bedroom decor

Christmas Trees

If you have the space, a full-sized Christmas tree is a fantastic centerpiece. But if you can’t fit that, look for one or three-foot versions that you can tuck in a corner or on your nightstand. Don’t forget to decorate your tree if it’s big enough.

Figurines and Knickknacks

Reindeer, Santa figurines, bottle brush trees, and other knickknacks are great finishing touches for your room. Scatter them on your bedside table, desk, or wherever you need more festivity.


Ornaments are another traditional piece of decor you can use in your bedroom. Fill a vase with them and place it on your desk. Hang them on your wall or from your ceiling. Scatter them across your dresser. There are lots of options.


Bows are another easy way to add finishing touches to your room. You can buy premade ones or get ribbons that match your theme and tie them yourself. They look great above your bed, on dresser knobs, or tied around anything you can think of.

Ways to Save

Saving money on Christmas decor

You may not have or want to spend much money decorating your bedroom. That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate, though. Here are some easy ways to save money while creating an aesthetic bedroom.

Shop Second Hand

Thrift stores are always full of Christmas decor, most of which is in excellent condition. It’s a great way to find decor for half the price of buying it new. Plus, you’ll be able to find unique pieces, unlike the trendy decor at Marshalls or Target.

Use What You Have

See what you already have at home to decorate with. You could reuse anything red, green, or white as decor.

Could you use some red and green books on your side table? Put red and white pens and markers on your desk? Reuse a blanket from the living room to cover your bed? The potential options are endless.


Another option to save money is to make your own decor. Pinterest and YouTube are full of ideas for cute Christmas projects. Look around and see what you can find to make with supplies you have at home or can get for cheap.

Creating the perfect aesthetic Christmas bedroom isn’t as hard as you think. With a bit of time and creativity, you can have the perfect festive haven.

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