Need Help Swimsuit Shopping? Our Guide Covers Everything You Need To Know

Need Help Swimsuit Shopping? Our Guide Covers Everything You Need To Know

The arrival of spring means it’s swimsuit shopping season. For some of us, this is a stressful time full of self-doubt and confusion.

Finding a flattering swimsuit isn’t easy. With so many styles out there, a shopping trip can become overwhelming in minutes. Do you want a thong or cheeky bikini bottom? What’s the difference, anyway?

We’re here to help clear up the mystery surrounding swimwear. This guide covers every significant type of one- and two-piece suit you’ll find. You’ll also learn what defines each style so you can shop for swimsuits with confidence this year. Let’s dive in!



Everyone has worn this style at one point in their lives. It’s a classic and looks great on any body type.

One piece swimsuit
Lulu’s red one-piece swimsuit


Upgrade your traditional one-piece by choosing strapless instead. It makes the whole look sexier without actually revealing much.

Strapless swimsuit
Anne Cole shirred strapless swimsuit


To take it even further, try a v-neckline. You decide how far you want it to plunge, anywhere from a tiny dip to your midriff.

V neck swimsuit
Target deep V swimsuit


One-shoulder swimsuits create an eye-catching asymmetrical neckline. Keep it the focal point, or pick a suit with cutouts for more interest.

One shoulder swimsuit
Aerie cutout one shoulder swimsuit


Prefer to show less cleavage? Try a high-neck swimsuit. Many makeup for the high front by having a low back instead.

High neck swimsuit
Hermoza high neck swimsuit


Long-sleeved is the way to go if you want more coverage for sun protection or modesty reasons. But don’t worry; they’re still adorable.

Long sleeve swimsuit
Albion long sleeve rash guard one piece


The monokini is a cross between a one-piece and a bikini. They can vary in style from a one-piece with large cutouts to a bikini with a few straps joining the top and bottom.

Skims lace up monokini

Swim Tops


This is probably the style of top you think of when someone says “bikini”. The triangle-shaped cups offer a variety of coverage for every comfort level.

Triangle bikini
Target reversible triangle bikini top


These one-piece bikini tops are generally better for smaller-breasted women or those who don’t mind the uni-boob look. But play around with different styles, no matter your body type.

Bandeau bikini top
Bravissimo bandeau bikini top


The straps on halter tops tie behind your neck rather than attaching to the back of the suit. They come in a variety of cuts, including single and double straps.

Halter bikini top
Nordstrom floral halter top


Underwire swim tops have a more bra-like structure. Perfect for bigger-chested women who need more support in their suits.

Underwire bikini top
Swimsuits for All underwire bikini top


Long-line tops have longer bands, often giving them a retro look. They come in a variety of lengths and styles.

Longline bikini top
Aerie runched longline bikini top


A tank-style swim top is great for people who want a two-piece without baring their midriff. You can combine it with swim shorts or skirts for extra modesty.

Tankini top
Roman’s classic tankini top

Rash Guard

Rash guards offer full coverage and sun protection that many water sports need. But they’re a cute look for the pool too.

Rash guard
Arena rash guard

Swim Bottoms


A classic, underwear-style swim bottom. It comes in a variety of cuts to match your style.

Bikini bottom
Athleta swim bottom


This style comes slightly higher around the butt, showing more cheek. It’s perfect for revealing some skin without exposing your whole butt.

Cheeky bikini bottom
Calvin Klein ribbed cheeky bottom


If you don’t mind showing off your booty, go for a thong. It’s great for sunbathing and self-tanning.

Thong bikini bottom
Skatie thong bikini bottom


The hallmark of this style is the hip ties. It might take some trial and error to learn to tie correctly.

String bikini
The Summit string bikini bottom


Boyshorts cover the entire booty area, as well as the upper thigh. This gives more modesty and needs less shaving.

Alfavega boyshorts


Skirt swim bottoms bring a feminine touch to any set. Look for ones that include attached underwear to avoid embarrassing swimsuit accidents.

Swim skirt
Urban Outfitters swim skirt bikini bottom


High-waisted bottoms hit anywhere from mid-hip to almost the belly button. They give a cool, retro look to any bikini.

High waisted bikini bottom
Free People high waisted bikini bottoms

Choosing Your Suit

Now that you know all the different styles, hopefully, you’re feeling more confident in your swimsuit shopping abilities. Here are a few questions to keep in mind while doing so.


How much skin do you want to show? What areas would you like covered? What do you want to highlight?


How does it look on your specific body? Is it sagging or tight in any places? Is it comfortable to move in?


How much support does the swimsuit offer? How much do you want or need? Are the straps or ties adjustable?

Body Type

Google to learn what styles look best for your specific body type. But don’t be afraid to break the rules either.

There are many styles out there, so you’re sure to find one that looks amazing. The most important thing is feeling comfortable and confident on the beach, no matter what you’re wearing.

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