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Stunning Outfit Ideas for Women This Easter

Stunning Outfit Ideas for Women This Easter

An Easter outfit is an iconic part of most Americans’ wardrobe. Most of us purchase one every year or at least get a new pair of shoes or earrings to spruce up an old outfit. In fact, the biggest Easter expense after food is clothing.

Figuring out the perfect Easter outfit can be tricky. Do you want to dress formal or casual? Lean into florals or stand out in stripes? Wear a skirt or pants? Work with what’s in your wardrobe, or buy something new?

Today, we’ve got a list of our top Easter outfit ideas for women, regardless of your style. Use these ideas to inspire your holiday look. Maybe you’ll even decide to step outside your comfort zone and try a new outfit combination.


An Easter dress is a classic outfit for women. Many of us grew up getting a new dress every year for the holiday. They’re beautiful, church appropriate, and great for spring.

Floral Dress

No matter what Miranda Priestly says, you can’t go wrong with florals for spring. They’re iconic and highly customizable. You might prefer a light, delicate floral or a splash of big, bold flowers.

Slip Dress

For a more form-fitting option, go with a slip dress. The light, silky fabric is perfect for spring, especially in a pastel color. If it’s too cold to wear a slip dress where you are, consider adding a long-sleeved shirt or a sweater to stay warm.

Lace Dress

Another classic Easter dress is one made of lace or eyelets. They’re light, airy, and feminine.  These dresses come in many colors and cuts, so search for the perfect one for your wardrobe.

Dress and Blazer

Try layering a blazer on top of your dress for a business casual look, great for family brunch or lunch with friends. Mix and match types of blazers and dresses, such as an oversized blazer over a mini dress or a structured blazer over a maxi dress, to create the ideal look for you.


Not everyone loves wearing dresses, even on holidays, and that’s okay. The good news is you can still dress up for Easter without a dress while looking nice enough to go to church.

Trousers and Sweater

This outfit is perfect for those who live in cool climates. The sweater will keep you warm, while the trousers give your outfit a sophisticated look. Use floral accessories like earrings or a scarf to lean into a spring theme.

Skirt and Blouse

A skirt and blouse combo can look just as lovely as a dress but with infinitely more options. Try a chiffon or ruffled skirt with a button-up or tie-front shirt for a perfect church or brunch-ready outfit. Finish it with boots or heels, depending on the weather.

Jeans and Blouse

Aren’t feeling a super formal outfit? Then pull out your nicest pair of dark wash jeans and wear a pretty blouse or sweater. You’ll be comfortable but still formal enough for Easter lunch.

Matching Skirt and Top

If you want to get the look of a dress without wearing one, choose a matching skirt and top. However, be careful when buying them because they can vary in modesty and may not be appropriate for family gatherings or church.

Accessory Ideas

You’ve got your outfit picked out. Now, it’s time to accessorize. The right additions to your outfit can take it from boring to beautiful, bringing the whole look to life.


For over a century, wearing an Easter bonnet was a tradition. Rather than go for extravagant headwear, finish off your outfit with a cute sunhat or straw hat as a nod to the past.

Big Sunglasses

Micro sunglasses are in right now, but big hats, dresses, and sunglasses look better on Easter. A pair of oversized sunnies, worn on your face or head, adds the perfect finishing touch to your look.

Strappy Heels or Sandals

Elegant, strappy heels or sandals are the perfect finishing touch to your Easter outfit. If you live in a cold area, this might not seem like a good option. But try adding stockings, tights, or even frilly socks to keep your toes warm without sacrificing footwear.

Fancy Earrings

Easter is the perfect time to wear big statement earrings or add a pair to your collection. They bring a bit of extravagance to your outfit and make you look incredibly fashionable with minimal effort.


Hair accessories are in vogue currently. Make your Easter outfit a bit trendier by adding one to your ensemble. Any type will work, but we suggest a fancy headband with pearls or velvet to give elegance to your outfit.

Creating the perfect Easter outfit isn’t as hard as it seems. Use these ideas to inspire your shopping or help you create a look from your closet.

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