Refresh Your Manicure with These Fun Spring Nail Ideas

Refresh Your Manicure with These Fun Spring Nail Ideas

There’s nothing like a fresh manicure to welcome spring. Most of us are putting away our dark, moody nail polishes in favor of lighter, brighter shades.

No matter how excited you are for spring, it’s easy to get stuck for manicure inspiration. How do you find the perfect look for you, whether trendy or classic, colorful or plain?

You browse a post like this one, of course. In it, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas for spring nails, from colors to designs, to inspire your next trip to the salon.

Spring Nail Colors


Clean white nail polish works for every season. In spring, it makes your manicure feel fresh and bright. You could also go for a trendy, soft white shade.

OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Alpine Snow


Lean into Pantone’s Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, by using it for your nail polish. Depending on your skin tone, it could be anything from a nude shade to a pop of color.

Essie Snooze In
Essie Snooze In


This light purple shade is all the rage right now. It’s a wonderful transitional color as we go from winter to spring.

Butter London English Lavender
Butter London English Lavender


You can’t go wrong with mint for spring. Shades on the blue side are currently popular, but any type of mint polish is cute and warm weather ready.

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Essie Mint Candy Apple

Butter Yellow

Another color we’ve been seeing everywhere is butter yellow. It’s a soothing alternative to pure highlighter yellow that everyone loves, including us.

Holo Taco Butter Me Up
Holo Taco Butter Me Up

Baby Pink

With Barbiecore and coquette aesthetics still going strong, pink isn’t going anywhere fast. For spring, choose a light shade closer to nude than neon.

Olive & June Pink Sands
Olive & June Pink Sands


Bright green is another striking spring color. If you don’t enjoy bright colors, try something subtler, like matcha or sage.

Cirque Colors Lime Jelly
Cirque Colors Lime Jelly

Spring Nail Design Ideas

Neon French Tips

Switch up your regular French tips by using colorful nail polish instead of white. It’ll make this simple manicure an eye-catching statement.

Neon french tips

Two-Toned Nails

Split your manicure in half with two complimentary nail polish colors. Try doing top and bottom, left and right, or even mismatching them for an extra funky look.

Two-tone nails

Simple Florals

Simple, minimalist flower designs are trendy right now. To get the look, put only a single flower on each nail or try micro flower designs.

Simple florals


A classic daisy is a perfect spring design with endless personalization possibilities. You could go big or small, simple or colorful, many or one.

Daisy nails

Subtle Ombre

This look uses two similar shades to create a barely-there ombre effect. It’s perfect for making a solid color manicure a little more interesting.

Subtle ombre

Smiley Faces

Return to the world of the early 2000s when neon smiley face designs were all the rage. They look just as cute and cheerful on your nails as they do on a notebook or pencil.

Smiley face nails


Nothing says spring more than a cute butterfly manicure. These are also perfect for Taylor Swift fans who want to celebrate her upcoming album release.

Butterfly nails

Pastel Rainbow

Rainbow stripes always bring a nice pop of color to your manicure. For spring, mix it up by using pastel shades rather than the traditional crayon colors.

Pastel rainbow

Aurora Nails

Aurora nails are the internet’s newest craze. They’re a chunky manicure with shimmery polish that shifts like the Northern Lights, which is how they got their name.

Aurora nails


Checkerboards are another fun Y2K design to try on your nails. Make them wavey for a funk look or ruler-straight for a more classic design.

Checkboard nails

Negative Space Designs

For a more unique manicure, try a look using negative space. It’s also a great way to highlight your natural nails under the polish.

Negative space designs


Adding cherries to your nails gives them a cute, retro vibe. They work great as an accent nail or the theme for your whole manicure.

Cherry nails


A colorful spray of dots across your nails adds fun to your nails. Consider placing the dots across the bottom or top of your nail for a more unique look.

Dot nails

A fresh coat of nail polish or a full-on manicure is a great way to welcome spring and refresh your look. We hope these designs and colors inspire you to visit a nail salon and treat yourself.

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