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The Five Best Fashion Aesthetic Trends to Try in 2023

The Five Best Fashion Aesthetic Trends to Try in 2023

A new year means a new set of fashion trends. Like most trends, many aren’t new but are enjoying fresh popularity this year.

Over the past few years, fashion aesthetics have become about more than dressing a certain way. Instead, people have started to embrace the lifestyle behind the trends, whether that’s 80s punk or cottagcore.

Doing so isn’t a necessary part of enjoying a specific aesthetic. The best part about all these “cores” is that they allow people to dress however they want. No matter if you like pretty dresses or only black.

But what fashion aesthetics will be trendy in 2023? What styles are on the rise, and how can you wear them?

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top five aesthetics you’ll see everywhere this year. We’ve also included the clothes, colors, and accessories popular with each trend.


With the upcoming release of Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid this summer, mermaidcore has grown in popularity. As the name suggests, it’s based on mermaids and the fashion associated with them. Sirencore, mermaidcore’s mature sister, is also rising in popularity.

Mermaidcore is ethereal

Look for…

Scale patterns

Mermaid skirts

Crocheted sets

Pearl jewelry

Shell tops


Halter tops

Blue, purple, and green

Loose hair

Messy braids

Sheer fabric


People are turning toward the dystopian after the chaos of the last few years. Utilitarian clothes, with their part military, part safari look are a popular way to style that. Many people also love the comfort and ease of utilitarian clothes.

Utilitarian fashion is all about ease of movement

Look for…

Cargo pants

Beige, brown, and green

Wide belts

Cargo vests


Baggy fits



Shirt dresses


If you’re a girly girl, this aesthetic is for you. It’s ultra-feminine, embracing the grace and beauty associated with ballet. But you can enjoy the trend and channel your inner ballerina even if you aren’t a dancer.

Balletcore is full of flowing silhouettes

Look for…


Wrap skirts

Leg warmers

Ballet flats


Tulle skirts

Claw clips

Wrap cardigans

Satin skirts


Don’t like standing out in a crowd? Try normcore. The point is to blend in as much as possible by choosing neutral colors, basic items, and non-branded apparel.

Normcore is about blending in

Look for…

Plain tee shirts


Neutral sweaters

Button ups

White sneakers

Simple hairstyles

Baseball caps

Wide-legged trousers


Another trend inspired by an upcoming movie- Barbie starring Margot Robbie. It’s another hyper-feminine aesthetic but less soft and more bold than balletcore. Or try a variation on it, like 80s barbiecore.

Pink is a staple of Barbiecore

Look for…

Hot pink


High heels

Vibrant patterns

Mini skirts

Crop tops

Small purses

Velvet tracksuits

Trying a new aesthetic is a fun way to switch up the way you create outfits. Enjoy experimenting with one of these fashion trends this year, allowing yourself to shine.

Which of these would you most like to try?

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