Your Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Pinterest Vision Board

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Pinterest Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a great way to see your yearly goals physically. It reminds you that these goals aren’t just words but real things you want to achieve.

Many people enjoy creating physical vision boards to hang in their rooms or offices. But if you want the inspiration of a vision board without filling a bulletin board with photos, there’s another option. Create a digital vision board using Pinterest.

Pinterest is easy to use, eliminating the hassle of creating a vision board. It also has thousands of beautiful images right on the platform, only a search away. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, keep reading as we walk you through creating a Pinterest vision board.

Get Inspired

Before jumping into making a vision board, decide your goals for the year ahead. Then, it’s time to get inspired to create your board.

Pinterest vision board examples

Browse Pinterest

Start by browsing Pinterest to see how other people create their boards. Search for “vision board examples” or “2024 vision board” and study the collages you find. You don’t have to do the same look, but it helps you figure out what you do and don’t like.

Create a List

Once you’re feeling inspired, list everything you want to include based on your goals for the year. Start with broad categories, such as life goals, then break them down into specific items, like exercising consistently or eating healthy. Ideas include:

  • Personal goals. Traveling, buying a house or apartment, saving for a big purchase.
  • Health goals. Trying a new diet, achieving a fitness goal, taking time for self-care.
  • Work goals. Gain a new client, earn a certain income, start investing.
  • Skills and hobbies. Learn a new skill, try a new hobby, take a class.
  • Other goals. Books you’d like to read, ways you’d like your life to look, bucket list items.

What to Include

Once you’ve compiled your list of what you want to include on the vision board, you’re ready to create your board. But what should you put on your Pinterest vision board?

  • Images. Since it’s a vision board, you’ll want to include pictures of all the goals you hope to achieve this year. It can be a specific image, like a travel destination, or a photo that reminds you of your goal, such as stacks of money reminding you to save.
  • Quotes and words. Including quotes about the goals you want to achieve helps inspire you to reach them. You can also add words that align with your goals, such as “friendship” or “explore”.
  • Articles and resources. It might help to include articles related to your goals. For example, if you want to travel to a specific place, you could include a list of the best things to do there.

Creating a Pinterest Vision Board

It’s finally time for the fun part- creating your board! Making a thoughtful vision board takes time, so set aside an afternoon or two to focus on it.

Create a Board

1. Head to your Pinterest profile and click the plus button at the top right. Select “board”.

Creating a board

2. Add a name, such as “2024 Vision Board” or “2024 Goals”. You can also choose to keep the board secret if you don’t want everyone on Pinterest to be able to see it. Click “create” to make your board.

Naming Pinterest board

3. If you have a lot of categories to include on your vision board, consider adding sections to keep it organized. To do this, click the plus button in the middle of the board, then click “section”. Give it a name and hit “add”.

Adding sections

Find Images, Quotes, and More

On Pinterest

To find images on Pinterest, go to the search bar on the homepage and type in what you’re looking for, like “exercise” or “France”. To help you find beautiful, collage-worthy images, add the word “image” or “aesthetic” to your search term.

Finding photos
Adding the word “aesthetic” produces beautiful vision board images

When you find an image you like, click on it and scroll down to see similar photos. And if you need even more inspiration, once you start filling your board, you can view more pins like the ones you’ve already saved by clicking the “More Ideas” button.

Related Pinterest images
Clicking an image gives you more like it

Off Pinterest

You can also search for images and other resources off Pinterest. Try going to YouTube to find inspirational videos. Search Instagram and Google for the pictures you’re looking for. Or try free stock photo sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

Instagram images
Instagram can be a gold mine for vision board images like these

Save Your Favorites

The final step in creating your digital board is saving the images you like the most. On Pinterest, it’s simple. Just click the “Save” button and put it on your vision board. For pictures and resources from other platforms, you have two options.

1. Use the Pinterest Extension. Go to your browser’s extension store and add the Pinterest extension. It allows you to create Pins from any image with a few quick clicks.

Saving images to Pinterest
Hover over an image, and the Pinterest “save” button appears

2. Upload Images to Pinterest. You can also upload an image straight to your Pinterest board. This is your best option if you have screenshots from Instagram or another website. Go to your vision board, click the plus button, and hit “Pin”. This takes you to a screen where you can upload an image, add a description, and save it to your board.

Creating a pin on Pinterest

Pinterest also allows you to rearrange images on a board. If you don’t like how they currently look, click “organize” to drag and drop your pictures the way you want.

Using Your Vision Board

Congratulations! You’ve created your vision board!

But creating it isn’t the last step. You need to put it to use. Some people often find digital boards more difficult to review because they are out of sight. Here are a few ideas to combat that.

Using a vision board

Bookmark the Board

Clicking through the Pinterest homepage to your vision board is a lot of work, which makes you less likely to look at your board after you’ve created it. Add the board to your bookmarks bar to overcome that roadblock, so it’s only a single click away.

Create a Wallpaper

Creating a computer or phone wallpaper is another option to keep your vision board in eyesight. Using a platform like Canva, you can create an aesthetic collage of all your favorite images and quotes to set as your wallpaper for the year. Every time you open your laptop or phone, you’ll be reminded of your goals.

Keep Evolving Your Board

Your goals change as the year goes by, so your vision board should, too. It’s not a static piece of art. It’s meant to inspire you. Throughout the year, keep adding or removing pins as needed. If you find a perfect image, add it to your board. If you decide to go after a new goal, add a new section. Keep reviewing it often to make sure it accurately reflects your goals.

Pinterest makes it easy for anyone with any skill level to create a beautiful vision board for the year ahead. Try using it this year and see how it inspires you.

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