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12 Cute Saint Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas to Show Off This Holiday

12 Cute Saint Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas to Show Off This Holiday

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday full of Irish music, shamrocks, parades, and beer. But it’s also known for the age-old tradition of wearing green or getting pinched.

Thankfully, no one made a rule about how much green you have to wear. Which means all you need is a green manicure to prevent pinching. If you’d like to find cute Saint Patrick’s Day nails to try, you’ve come to the right place. This post has twelve fun ideas (plus a bonus!) for you, perfect for the holiday.

Green nails

Solid Green

Regular green nails might not seem very cute, but they’re great if you want to join the holiday spirit without going crazy. You can choose whatever shade you like best for this look, from a dark forest green to bright neon lime.

Gold nails


Saint Patrick’s Day is associated with all things Irish, including leprechauns and their pots of gold. Solid gold nails can be a cute option if you don’t like green or want something different.

Gold accent nail

Gold Accent

If you want to elevate your basic green nails, try painting one of them gold instead. It’s a fun combination and will make your nails look even more holiday-ready.

Green french tips

Green French Tips

Try doing your French tips in green instead of white for a minimalistic Saint Patrick’s Day nail. It’s holiday-appropriate without being loud.

Green chrome

Green Chrome

Chrome nails, made with a special nail top powder, have been quite popular in the last few years. Getting a green chrome manicure or DIYing it at home can be a fun way to join in the trend.

Single shamrock nails

Single Shamrock

Start by painting all your nails a single color, either light green or white. Then, pick one nail per hand and add a single small shamrock.

Four leaf clover nail art

Four Leaf Clovers

Another option is to take the shamrock theme further and cover all your nails with them. They look great on a white background or a bare nail, and you can use any polish, from matte to glitter.

Tartan nails


Keeping with the Irish theme, try a plaid or tartan manicure. You can either find a tartan pattern to recreate or create your own design.

Rainbow accent nail

Rainbow Accent

Choose one of your nails to paint colorful rainbow stripes across. The others can be green, white, or gold, depending on your preference.

Glitter stripes

Glitter Stripes

Start with a plain colored nail, then top it with small stripes of glitter nail polish. If you want, you can even throw on a shamrock or two to finish it off.

Gold ombre nails

Gold Ombre

Upgrade a simple green manicure by adding gold glitter across the top of your nails. It’ll make you look like you dipped your fingertips in liquid gold.

Green heart nails

Green Hearts

Try painting tiny green hearts on a white base for a less Irish manicure. It’s similar to the iconic shamrocks, but you can wear them anywhere, not just at Saint Patrick’s Day events.

Eclectic designs

Bonus: Eclectic Designs

Can’t decide which pattern you like best? Try a mixture of all of them! This is perfect if you love bold nail designs that make a statement.

We hope these cute Saint Patrick’s Day nails inspire you to try a fun manicure this holiday weekend. Which one is your favorite?

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