10 Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas Anyone Can Create

10 Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas Anyone Can Create

Nail art is a simple way to spice up your manicure, show your personality, and get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. But many designs you find online look like you need an art degree to pull off.

While fancy, intricate designs are plentiful, there are lots that anyone with any skill level can achieve. In this post, we’ve rounded up ten such easy Valentine’s Day nail ideas for you to try your hand at.

Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Glitter nails


Choose your favorite Valentine’s Day color for a base coat. Top it with a matching glitter polish to create simple yet interesting nails.

Mini heart nails

Mini Hearts

You might think tiny hearts don’t count under the easy nail art category. The secret lies in using the right tools, such as a nail art brush or heart-shaped nail stickers, to create the design without needing extra skills.

Reverse french tip nails

Reverse French Tip

Paint your nails a solid color. Then, add a French tip at the bottom of your nail in a bright complementary color.

Heart tip nails

Heart Tips

Turning your French into hearts is another cool alternative. It looks best with a pointed nail, but with a bit of tweaking, you could get the same results on a rounded one.

Ombre nails


You can never go wrong with ombre nails. Start with a light color at one end of your hand, then make each nail progressively darker until you get to the other side.

Heart accent nail

Heart Accent Nail

Want to include hearts without going all out? Paint your nails a solid color, then add a single heart to one nail on each hand.

Polka dot nails

Polka Dots

Red or pink nails with white polka dots are another fun idea. With a nail dotting tool, pulling this off is a breeze.

Half moon nails

Half Moon

A classic half moon in a Valentine’s Day color makes your nails festive without a fancy design. Just paint a half circle at the bottom of each nail in a color of your choice.

Kiss nails


A classic Valentine’s Day motif is lipstick prints. Like mini hearts, you can use nail stickers on top of a pink or white base coat to easily achieve the look.

Negative space nails

Negative Space

Creating negative space designs makes your nails look trendy and professional. All you have to do is outline the shape on your nail and paint around it.

Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Colors

Cherry red nail polish

Cherry Red

You can’t go wrong with red for Valentine’s Day. Choose a bright, vibrant shade to make your designs pop.

Maroon nail polish


Try maroon as an alternative to Coca-Cola red. Its darker shade brings sophistication to your nail art while still looking festive.

Bright pink nail polish

Bright Pink

Another holiday staple is hot pink. It pairs well with red or looks fantastic alone.

Magenta nail polish


If you’re not into electric pink, try magenta instead. It’s toned down but still works for Valentine’s Day.

Lavender nail polish


Warm lavender is often overlooked for Valentine’s Day, even though you see it everywhere. It also looks great paired with pink or blue.

Baby blue nail polish

Baby Blue

Light blue is another uncommon color you can try. It’s especially nice if you don’t prefer “girly” colors like pink and purple.

Chocolate brown nail polish

Chocolate Brown

You can’t forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just on your nails. Combined with hearts, it’ll give a Y2K vibe to your nails.

Fun nail art designs don’t have to be hard or complicated to be pretty. Try one of these this Valentine’s Day and see for yourself.

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