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8 Warm and Stylish Winter Outfits for All Occasions

For many people, winter isn’t the time to look fashionable. It’s a time to wear as many layers as possible to stay warm. Fashion isn’t worth freezing for in sub-zero temperatures, snow, or ice.

However, if you know how to layer correctly, you can combine warmth and style to create winter outfits that don’t leave you looking frumpy. In this post, we’ll show you how to dress warm and fashionably for winter, along with tips for creating outfits from scratch.

Winter Outfit Ideas


Outfit #1: Casual Layers

Casual layered outfit

This outfit is perfect for comfy days at home when you still want to put a bit of effort into your look. If you need to go out, throw on boots, a knit hat, and a puffer coat.

Outfit #2: Matching Set

Matching set

A matching set of sweats or knits is easy to throw on and can look cute if you pick the right style. You can dress them up with stylish accessories or make them cozier by wearing fuzzy boots and a scarf.


Outfit #3: Sweater and Jeans

Sweater and jeans

A long coat takes even the most casual outfit from basic to New York Fashion Week ready. Throw it on when you’re ready to head out; everyone will think you look put together.

Outfit #4: Skirt and Tights

Skirt and sweater outfit

You can wear a skirt in the winter if you pick one with thick fabric and pair it with wool tights. It’s super cozy but also fashionable enough to share on Instagram.


Outfit #5: Slacks and Sweater

Slacks and sweater outfit

With two colors of slacks and three sweaters, you can have a week’s worth of office-ready outfits with minimal effort. Wear a shirt under your sweater so you can take it off if necessary or stay warm if the workplace is cold.

Outfit #6: Formal Skirt

Skirt and sweater outfit

Skirts make a great office outfit. Choose a midi skirt and pair it with a sweater and tall boots. If you’re worried about being cold, add tights or leggings.


Outfit #7: Maxi Dress

A knit maxi dress is perfect for staying warm and looking stylish. With a sweater and boots, you’ll be ready for a night out or a formal event.

Outfit #8: Leather Pants

Leather is a warm material that still looks chic, especially as pants. They also pair well with various tops, from sweaters to body suits.

Tips for Winter Outfits

Are you inspired to create a winter outfit from pieces in your closet?  Here are four tips to help you stay warm in almost any outfit.

Thermal Base Layers

Thermals are a great way to trap heat next to your body. They’re thin and easy to wear under any outfit, protecting you on even the coldest days.


Layering is your best friend in the winter. Wear a tee shirt under your sweater, leggings under pants, and big coats on top of everything. Just make sure your layers are removable in case you overheat.

Quality Clothes

Choosing quality materials and well-made clothes increases your ability to stay warm on cold days. It’s worth investing in clothes made from natural materials with care to protect yourself from the elements.

A Good Coat

Lastly, every wardrobe should include a thick, good-quality coat. Especially since this is the most visible part of any winter outfit. Look for a timeless style so you can wear it for years without it looking dated.

Dressing warm and cute isn’t an issue if you know how to combine the right pieces. With a little effort, you’ll be ready to conquer the cold in style.

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