13 Fun Halloween Costumes for Women

13 Fun Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about your costume. Dressing up for Halloween isn’t a kid-exclusive activity anymore. Today, it’s acceptable for anyone and everyone to wear a costume.

Whether you need an outfit to wear to work or your friend’s Halloween bash, we have a list of fun ideas for you to choose from. We’ve also included what pieces you’ll need to recreate the costume. (All pictures are from Pinterest and credit belongs to their owners.)

Women's witch costume


A witch costume is classic and easy to DIY.


•Dark dress

•Witch hat

•Broom or wand


Minnie Mouse costume for women

Minnie Mouse

You don’t need face paint for a cute Minnie Mouse-inspired look.


•Red dress with white polka dots

•Yellow shoes

•Black tights

•Minnie Mouse ears

Wednesday Addams costume for women
via JinxKitty Cosplay

Wednesday Addams

This is a great costume with the new Wednesday show coming out.


•Black dress

•White collar

•Two braids

•Black lipstick

Women's flapper costume


Time to party like it’s the ‘20s! The 1920s, that is.


•Flapper dress



Women's ghost costume


Replicate this social media trend for a simple last-minute costume.





Barbie costume for women


Bonus points if you make a box for your Barbie costume.


•Pink dress

•Blonde wig

Women's Cruella costume
via Caleigh Sanders


Cruella is a style icon and has plenty of looks to choose from for your costume.


•Black dress

•Fur coat

•Black and white hair

•Red lipstick

Disney Princess costumes for women

Disney Princess

Pick your favorite and find a way to recreate her outfit.


•Princess dress


Women's Harley Quinn costume
via We Love Colors

Harley Quinn

Who doesn’t want to walk around with a bat or an oversized hammer?




•Fishnet tights

•Hammer or bat

via @jastorossi


You don’t need to reserve this look for Valentine’s Day.


•Red dress

•Heart headband

•Bow and arrow

Cher costume for women

Cher (Clueless)

“As if!” anyone could beat this costume.


•Matching plaid set


•White knee-high socks

Women's fairy costume
via Alyssa Milano


Make your inner child happy by dressing up as the ultimate fairy princess.


•Flowy dress


•Pointed ears or ear cuffs


Sandy costume for women

Sandy (Grease)

Easy to assemble and recognize. Win-win!


•Black top

•Black pants


•Leather jacket

No matter what costume you prefer, this list is sure to have something you can wear this Halloween. And if you don’t have somewhere to go, why not host your own Halloween party?

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