Picking the Perfect Planner: How to Find the Right Planner for You

Picking the Perfect Planner: How to Find the Right Planner for You

The new year has begun. Now that you’ve made your goals, you need a way to keep on top of them. There’s no better way to do that than with a planner.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do list or keep forgetting important dates, then a planner is the answer. It’s essential for keeping your life on track and accomplishing your goals.

But with hundreds of options, how do you know which one to pick? Should you go digital or physical? What about those bujos you keep seeing on Pinterest?

In this post, we’ll cover everything from types of planners to the benefits they bring. At the end, we’ll provide a few simple questions to help you discover which works best for you.

Paper planner
Planners help you keep your life on track

The Importance of a Planner

Using a planner helps you reach your goals by giving you a way to make a long-term game plan. But that’s not the only benefit they provide. They also help you:

Increased Productivity

Writing out your daily tasks helps you accomplish them while prioritizing the most important ones. Plus, when you’re done, you get the satisfaction of checking them off.

Keep a Schedule

If you struggle to remember important dates or meet deadlines, a planner can help. It lets you see future events and stay on track with your goals.

Record Information

Don’t remember the last time you cleaned the kitchen? When you should schedule your next check-up? Looking back through your planner is a quick way to find that information.

Digital planner
Are you a digital or physical planner person?

Planner Styles

Physical Planner

There’s a physical planner out there for you, no matter your needs. Even if you can’t find the perfect one pre-made, many companies offer ones you can build from scratch.

Good For:

•Hands-on people

•Minimizing screen time

Digital Planner

Digital planners offer more flexibility but require more technical know-how. You can make your own using Google or Notion, or subscribe to a digital planner software.

Good For:


•Integrating with many online applications

Bullet Journal

If you like creating, the bullet journal might be for you. It’s entirely customizable and easy to make with a few simple supplies.

Good For:


•Tasks and journaling

Bullet journal
There’s a planner for every personality

Planner Types

Weekly Planner

A weekly planner shows an entire week across a page or two. Many of these planners also include a monthly calendar to track important dates.

Good For:

•People with lots of events


Daily Planner

A daily planner has a page for each day, giving ample room for planning. It might be too much space for some people, but it’s perfect if you plan your day down to the minute.

Good For:

•People with large to-do lists

•Time blocking


Financial planners. Fitness planners. Work planners. These are wonderful for keeping your personal planner uncluttered.

Good For:

•Special events

•Accomplishing goals

Picking a Planner

Now that you know all about planners, all you have to do is ask yourself these questions.

•Do I prefer planning physically or digitally?

•Do I prefer pre-made or customizable?

•What do I need to have in a planner?

•Which kind of planner serves my lifestyle best?

These questions will show you which planner is the perfect fit for you. With it at your side, the year is yours.

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