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10 Fashion Myths Holding You Back from Amazing Outfits

10 Fashion Myths Holding You Back from Amazing Outfits

Don’t wear white after Labor Day. On wear silver or gold jewelry- never both. Graphic tees are childish; avoid them.

You see these fashion “rules” repeated everywhere. But you only have to look at a runway or social media influencer to learn the truth. Most of these rules are myths. They might have been influential years ago, but many are irrelevant now.

Today, we’ll debunk these myths and teach you the facts instead. Remember, you can continue following these rules if they work for you. Fashion is about dressing how you like, and if that means only wearing silver jewelry, do it.

Myth: No White After Labor Day

Fact: You can wear white any time of year

No white after Labor Day is one of the most persistent rules in fashion, and we’re not even sure where it came from. A few theories include classism, practicality, and fashion marketing. But since this is no longer the 1900s, feel free to wear white all year round without judgment.

White fall outfit

Myth: Only Wear Clothes That Work For Your Body Type

Fact: Everyone looks good in different clothes

Whether you’re an hourglass or a pear, there are things you “should” and “shouldn’t” wear. But the truth is more complicated. You do want to dress for your body type, but that includes your shape, your height, how curvy you are, your boob size, and more. What works for one hourglass figure won’t work for another. Focus instead on dressing in a way that makes your body look its best.

Myth: Don’t Mix Different Patterns

Fact: When done right, patterns can look amazing together

Wearing two patterns, like stripes and plaid, makes people cringe. But pattern mixing is like many other things. When done wrong, it’s awful; when done well, it looks great. It’s all about the colors, sizes, and styles of patterns you pick.

Mixed pattern outfit

Myth: Never Mix Metals

Fact: It’s acceptable to wear silver and gold together

Wearing a single type of silver or gold jewelry is often considered the classy option. But in more recent years, we’ve seen many people ignore this “rule” with amazing results. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your jewelry pieces, or buy that necklace combining silver and gold.

Mixed metal jewelry

Myth: I Don’t Look Good In [Insert Color Here]

Fact: You haven’t found the right shade yet

Many people grow up thinking they can’t wear colors like yellow, orange, or brown. But that’s because they haven’t found the right shade for them. You might look terrible in sunshine yellow, but come to life in a muted butter yellow. If there’s a color you can’t wear, try on different shades of it, from bold to pastel, until you find the perfect one for you.

Different shades of the same color

Myth: Vertical Stripes Are More Slimming

Fact: Horizontal stripes actually make you look slimmer

Looking skinny shouldn’t be the sole goal of your outfits. But if you want to give that illusion, horizontal stripes are what you want. Read this post for the complete science behind how it works.

Horizontal striped dress

Myth: Stear Clear of Trendy Clothing

Fact: Trendy clothes are fine in moderation

Trends are fleeting and should never dictate what you wear. But if you like the look of a particular trend, adding a few pieces to your wardrobe is okay. Trends are fun, after all. Remember that certain trends can look dated quickly, so be cautious about what you invest in.

Trendy outfit

Myth: You Can Only Dress One Way

Fact: Your personal style is as unique as you are

We like to stick our fashion into boxes and force people to choose one. But that doesn’t mean you can only dress classy or Y2K or whatever “aesthetic” you think you are. Your style is whatever you want it to be, even if it changes daily.

Myth: Never Repeat Outfits

Fact: If you love an outfit, wear it as much as you want

Fast fashion and rich celebrities make us feel like repeating outfits is bad. But that’s both bad advice and terrible for your wallet. It’s great to have go-to outfits you can throw on and know it looks good, especially for busy days.

Repeat outfit

Myth: Don’t Wear Brown or Navy with Black

Fact: You can mix whatever colors you want

Brown or navy with black is considered ugly, probably because they’re similar shades. But look around on Pinterest, and you’ll see many people combine these colors beautifully. You may not like how these colors look together, but if you do, mix away.

Black and navy outfit

Remember that fashion rules and trends are simply guidelines. A style that’s frowned upon today will be popular in five or ten years. Your best option is to dress how you like, ignoring what the world says is trendy or fashionable.

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