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15 Inspiring Fall Nail Art Designs for Your Next Manicure

15 Inspiring Fall Nail Art Designs for Your Next Manicure

Ready for your first trip to the nail salon this fall?

Fall manicures use dark shades, jewel tones, and matte finishes to match the shorter days and autumnal colors. You see black, brown, and maroon nails everywhere.

But not everyone wants a basic manicure. If you need inspiration for your next trip to the salon, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we share our favorite fall nail art ideas, from simple to intricate.

Orange French Tips

Don’t want to go full pumpkin nails? Try doing a simple French tip in a muted shade of orange instead.

Orange French tips


Plaid is a classic fall design for clothes and nails alike. You can also easily recreate this grid pattern at home with a nail art brush.

Plaid nails

Color Blocking

Choose a few colors and create a classy color-blocked pattern on your nails. Bonus points if you recreate a famous painting like this one.

Color block nails


Mushrooms are a trendy design, so why not include them on your nails? Our favorite variation of this is turning a French tip into a mushroom, but the options are endless.

Mushroom nails

Retro Swirls

Go back to the 70s with a swirly nail design. While you can choose whatever colors you like, it looks best paired with a muted earth-toned color palette.

Retro swirl nails

Fall Florals

Flowers aren’t only for spring and summer nails. Using fall colors with the same floral designs gives you a pretty, feminine autumnal look.

Fall floral nails

Leopard Print

Leopard print is making a comeback currently. Have a little fun and try a funky leopard pattern manicure.

Leopard print nails


For a beautiful dark academia nail design, go with a tortoiseshell pattern. It also works well as an accent nail or French tip.

Tortoise nails


These fun, Y2K-inspired sparkles are a great accent to your regular manicure or French tip. White makes it pop, while a lighter version of your polish color makes it a subtle accent.

Sparkle nails

Angled Art

Angles are in, whether as a variation of a French tip or as their own design. They pair well with a square-cut nail.

Angled nails

Fall Ombre

Can’t choose a single fall color? Use several to create a beautiful ombre across a single nail or from one side of your hand to the other. Finish with a sparkly top coat for extra fun.

Ombre nails

Double French Tip

Double the fun with a two-layer French tip. Play around with widths, shapes, and colors to find what combination you like best.

Double French tips

Single Accent Nail

If you don’t have time for a fancy manicure, consider doing one accent nail per hand. Choose a different color, a metallic accent, or a simple pattern to take your nails from boring to fun.

Accent nail

Negative Space

Using negative space in your nail designs is another current trend. It could be a classic reverse half-moon or a more intricate negative space design.

Negative space nails


Celestial themes are fun and seasonally appropriate for autumn. There are so many variations you’re sure to find one that matches your style.

Star nails

Treat yourself with your next manicure and try one of these cute designs on your nails. Which one do you want to get first?

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