Summer Hair Care for the Beach and Pool

Summer Hair Care for the Beach and Pool

Swimming is a wonderful summer activity. But while you remembered to slather on the sunscreen, did you also remember to take care of your hair?

That’s right, your hair needs plenty of care before and after exposure to salt or chlorine-filled water. Otherwise, you end up with dry, gross post-swim hair. Follow these tips and you’ll have beautiful, soft tresses instead.

At the Beach

Beach hair care
Protect your hair from the salt and wind with these tips

Pre-Beach Care

Saltwater isn’t bad for your hair in moderation. But hours in the water can leave your hair dry and susceptible to breakage. Taking preventative steps like these reduces both damage and the amount of aftercare.

•If the beach has a shower, rinse your hair before getting in the ocean. Why? Hair is absorptive. Filling it with fresh water reduces the amount of saltwater it takes in. Less saltwater= less damage.

•Take care of your hair year-round. Hair experiences extra stress during the summer, so making sure it’s healthy is important. Make sure to keep it trimmed and wash it often.

•Style your hair to keep tangles at bay. Great beach styles include ponytails, braids, or buns. If you have long hair, don’t skip this step!

Lock in Moisture

Even if you rinse your hair before getting in the water, the salt can zap the life from your hair. You can counteract it by coating your locks with a natural product like coconut oil. You can also apply it after swimming to help restore moisture and softness.

Use a Wet Brush or Comb

Yanking on your wet, salty hair can cause breakage. Not good! Instead, work out tangles using a wet brush or wide-toothed comb. Begin at the bottom and use gentle movements to keep your hair intact.

Protection from the Sun

Saltwater and sun can cause your hair to lighten or change colors. If you’d prefer to avoid that, bring a hat to the beach for whenever you’re not in the water.

At the Pool

Pool hair care
Chlorine can do a number on hair

Pre-Pool Care

Chlorine strips the natural oil from your hair and can damage colored hair. Like with the beach, doing a few simple steps before you get in the pool can help keep your locks safe (and the same color).

•Like at the beach, rinse your hair before swimming. The same principle applies here. Filling your hair with fresh water will stop it from absorbing chlorine and keep it in better condition.

•Add product before you swim. Coat your hair in natural oil, like coconut or jojoba, to help lock in moisture. Or if you have dyed hair, consider getting a special sunscreen or color lock product.

•Wear a swim cap. Keeping your hair out of the water means less to do after you get out of the pool. Swim caps are easy to find and come in cute styles for every swimmer.

Rinse it Out

After you get out of the pool, rinse out extra chlorine as soon as possible. Use a gentle clarifying shampoo, which removes chemicals and impurities.

Condition for Softness

You might prefer to skip shampoo altogether and wash with conditioner instead. Or to help regain moisture, consider using a leave-in conditioner. As a bonus, your hair will smell amazing and feel extra soft.

Avoid Heat

After the pool, let your hair air dry. Don’t use a blow-dryer. It might be tempting, but it will only leave your hair more dry and susceptible to damage.

It might take a few extra minutes, but following these steps will help keep your hair beautiful all summer long.

Which of these tips is your favorite?

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