The Biggest Nail Trends of 2023 to Inspire Your Next Manicure

The Biggest Nail Trends of 2023 to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Now that we’re over halfway through 2023, it’s easier to see this year’s trends. In the nail world, styles have ranged from simple colors to out-of-this-world designs.

So today, we’ve rounded up the top fifteen trends we’ve seen in nails this year. Ready to get inspired for your next manicure?

Hot pink nails

Hot Pink

With Barbiecore still going strong, bright pink reigns supreme, even in the nail world. People use it as a solid shade or create beautiful, Barbie-inspired designs.

Checkerboard nails

Checkerboard Pattern

Checkboard patterns are back, thanks to Y2K. It’s a fun design, whether over your nail or used as an accent for your manicure.

Ballet pink nails

Ballet Pink

Another color trending this year is ballet pink. It’s a soft, shimmery shade that looks like pointe shoes and works well with balletcore and the clean girl aesthetic.

Colorful French tips

Colorful French Tips

Regular white French tips are out. This year, it’s all about making a statement with colors or patterns on the ends of your nails. We’ve seen everything from neons to designs like rainbows or flowers.

Swirl nails


Swirling colorful designs are another Y2K-inspired trend. Use monochromatic colors for a subtle design or a mix of colors for more of a paint-splatter look.

Goth nails

Goth Nails

We’re not talking just black. Goth nails include dark reds, browns, and other muted shades. As for designs, pointed nails, ombre, and celestial patterns are popular.

Mismatched designs

Mismatched Designs

Why go for one kind of nail art when you could have a different design on each finger? Pick a color scheme to ensure your manicure looks cohesive, even if each nail varies.

Natural nails

Natural Nails

Natural nail shapes continue to be popular this year. So try getting your next manicure on your regular nails next time rather than with press-ons or acrylics.

Glitter nails

Glitter Polish

Glitter polish of every kind is everywhere. You’ve got everything from big, chunky glitter polish to shimmery top coats for glazed donut nails.

Chrome nails


Vibrant chrome nails have also remained popular as the year’s gone on. The colors have evolved into a more muted look, but metallics are here to stay.

Galaxy nails


Galaxy print was huge in the 2010s. It’s starting to come back, this time in pastels or neon color schemes.

Coral nails


This pink-orange shade has been on the trending lists all year. People love it for its vibrancy and versatility, no matter the season.

Nail embellishments

Nail Embellishments

Some people are going all out on their nails with studs, jewels, and even nail jewelry. It’s not for everyone, but try it if you like unusual styles.

Micro designs

Micro Designs

Another trend this year is micro designs. These tiny pieces of nail art can go on nude or colored nails, adding a touch of whimsy to a regular manicure.

Milk nails


Off-white, almost see-through nail polish is popular this year, pairing well with the clean girl aesthetic. It’s a great alternative to nude or regular white polish.

2023 has a trend for everyone’s style. Why not try one for your next manicure?

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